Monday, November 24, 2008

Farm Country and girls night out....again?

So I think I have posted about this before, but my kids absolutely LOVE this place...and I am in need of something to update about so here are a few pics of the kids....

Oh, and I went to a girls over nighter in Park City last girls night out, and love the girls in my neighborhood, It is such a fun thing that we can get a condo for a night and have so much fun together! We went hottubbing, played games, ate lots of junk food, and did a lot of shopping! I feel like such a better mom when I can get away and play for a night every once in a while....anyway, thanks girlies and thanks honey for taking such good care of the kids!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Crazy 8's (Tag)

8 things that Happened today
*Ran my husbands forgotten wallet to him
*Spent three hours standing in lines to get 99 cent milk and Grandma Sycamores bread at the Smith's Marketplace grand opening
*Fed the kids lunch then put them down for a nap
*Checked into switching medical insurance for the coming year
*Spent a while on Facebook and did some laundry, and straightened the house
* Had Ramen and leftovers for dinner (something simple while the hubbys at school)

*Gave the kiddies a bath and got them ready for bed
*updated my outdated blog :)
8 favorite places to eat
*Papa Johns Pizza
*Home (when I get the urge to cook a really good meal)
*Cheesecake Factory in Vegas (it's tradition!)
*Applebees(santa fe chicken salad)

*Cafe Rio
*JCW's (REALLY good local burger place, best shakes ever!)
8 favorite movies
*Ocean's 11 and 13
*Count of Monte Cristo
*Broken Down Palace
*Meet the Robinsons (hey, I have 2 kids)

*Actually, I have lots of favorites...we have movie night in our basement almost every weekend with some friends after the kids are in bed, and I am constantly finding movies that I really like and that I have never seen before...
8 favorite TV shows

*Law and Order
*Cold Case

*Without a Trace
(some of these I watch in the middle of the night between patient rounds at work, otherwise I don't really watch much TV)
8 things I wish for

*A house in St. George
*My Nursing Degree, Mike finished with school
*More patience with my kids!
*I wish my house would stay clean for longer that an hour
*all the little projects around the house could be done.
*family vacations.
*Date night just one night a week, or even once a month!!!
*A car that I actually like and will fit all my family comfortably...and no honey, that doesn't count our 88' Suburban!
8 adventures I'm looking forward to
*Going back to school someday

*Adding more kids to our family and NO! that is not an announcement! Just a thought for the future :)
*hmmm, sad that I can't really think of anything else, I am just excited to see what the future brings!
I tag Alecia W.