Thursday, August 28, 2008

Work and School

Tuesday was Tysons first day of Pre-School. He absolutely LOVED it!! He came home super excited to sing me all the songs he'd learned and tell me all about his fun class. I am so glad he liked it, he is a pretty social kid so I wasn't too worried. Madi really wanted to go too, she kept asking where Ty was for the whole two hours...such fun kids!

Mike also started school so it's back to the nightly class routine for was a nice little break but now he's back to the books!!

My job is okay, it's nice to only work two nights a week and my kids not even know that I was gone...they do however get to go "play" at the neighbors house for a couple of hours while mommy goes home to take a nap. Thanks Heidi for helping me keep my sanity!

My garden is out of control!! I have sooooo many zuccini and bell peppers that I don't know what to do with them all....I have tons of tomatoes too, but my friend is going to teach me how to bottle them so we can have them till next summer hopefully. Everything else I have cut up or shredded and put in freezerbags hopefully to be used throughout the winter...

I have this many every week!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Crazy? I think so...

So my life has been a little crazy lately, Our renters have moved out and we have been moving into our basement. We moved our entertainment center, computer, toys, books, etc and have been so excited to double our living space. We have had the bug to move for a while now but with all of this extra room it's settled down for a bit. Unfortunately though with the renters went a good chunk of moolah, so I have decided to renew my C.N.A. and get a job working a couple of graves a week. I am actually pretty excited about if because it will give me a chance to get out and work with people in the rehab unit at the Care Center by our house...I start on Thursday and work for three nights in a row for training...whew...should be interesting!

We went camping on Friday night with some friends (thanks Eric and Kati!) and had lots of fun horse-back riding and hanging out on the mountain watching everyone get ready for the bowhunt...we're not hunters, but it was pretty entertaining to see all of the prep that goes into that hobby.

I also got a new calling as the Stake Sundayschool secretary which should keep me pretty busy yeah, like I said before, I think I am crazy and we'll see how long I can play the balancing act of mom, cna, secretary, babysitter, etc...oh yeah and Ty starts pre-school next week!!! I am so nervous for him but so excited at the same time anyway wish me luck, I think I'll need it!