Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I'm pretty sure that we have entirely skipped the season of fall this year, we went to St. George over the weekend to help my aunt and uncle sheetrock their addition...it was a beautiful 80 degrees. Then we drove home Sunday morning because I had to teach relief society, and when we got here there was a BUNCH of snow on the ground...What? Snow? It is mid October for heavens sake. Anyway, it has melted and not so bad today but it has triggered memory of what is to come...tell me again why we moved here, that's right I have no idea either.

On a lighter note, before the blizzard, we took our kids and our dog to this cool little fishing/duck pond. They had a lot of fun, we go there often with some friends of ours from the ward and last time we went, Crystal brought her camera and got some fun pics... The pond is pretty close to our house and has a picnic pavillion, playground, and a walking trail.