Monday, November 7, 2011

Babies, Babies

There was a time in my life where blogging was an important part of it, but now my days are busy with mom stuff and taking care of babies. Love them and feel so blessed to have a wonderful hubby and great kids :)

The Kiddos on a walk during fall break.

Jaxon is the happiest kid on the planet...

Tyson and Madi are doing amazing in school and loving every bit of it :) And last but not least,

For those who haven't met this little beauty yet, her name is Anniston Leigh. She is now 3 months old and the happiest, sweetest baby ever! (most of the time anyway...)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We Are Still Alive!!!

So we are still here :) Living in the same place, working the same jobs, doing the same stuff, and loving life. Things are crazy with 3 kids, Tyson is loving kindergarten, Madi is doing great in preschool, and Jaxon is just a happy easy-going baby. Oh, and Mike is finally graduated!! WooHoo! Now to find that "dream job". Anyway, here are some current pics to enjoy...

The Fam

Baby Jax

Princess Madi
(who has a future in hair cutting)

Tyson Jack

Friday, April 23, 2010


So since I was a dedicated blogger before going private and have since only updated ummm... once?? I have decided that the Baxter's will be private no longer :) For now anyway... More to come! (When I find the cable to get the pics off of my camera)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Days

So here is an update on our autumn happenings....

Ty is loving preschool and got to go to HeeHaws for a field trip. This year they invited families to go so I went with both kids and they had a good time with their friends and all of the animals.

That same night we threw a Halloween Party with a bunch of friends and it turned out to be tons of fun! Being our second year to host, we have now deemed it "The Baxter's Annual Halloween Party" so I guess we are committed until we decide to move :) I love having people over so now I just need to work on my party throwing skills!

Mike and I

The ladies and the Rocker!

Then of course Halloween, our neighborhood had a party at the church since they have abolished the trunk or treat, we had a lot of fun with friends and neighbors eating chili, face painting for the kids, games and of course lots of treats! These are my cute little munchkins....

Monday, September 21, 2009


Tyson: Loves preschool, handsome, a good big brother, and too smart for his own good sometimes...

Madison: Pudding lover (along with anything else loaded with sugar), maker of messes, cuddle bug, and has that look that always gets her out of trouble...

Baby Boy Baxter: Nameless, very active, proud of his gender (won't show that pic for his sake)...

Stacy: New job, getting rounder everyday, always busy, loving life...

Mike: Busy dad, hard at work, project finisher, almost done with school (yay!!)...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


There are some people in this world that don't have any respect...therefore, we have to go private. Please send your e-mail addresses so I can invite you :) Thanks!! (m_s_baxter@yahoo)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer outings, camping trips, Madi's 3rd Birthday, etc...

Day at the duck pond

First outing in the trailer...this is what happens when mom forgets the brush!

pretend fishing with sticks :)

Madi turns 3!! Can't believe my baby is getting so big!

We have also gone to the Bundy family reunion (forgot the camera), Tyson got his hair chopped for the summer (no more big red curls), oh, and Madi is finally potty trained yay!! hmm, not much else for now, we'll keep you posted :)