Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer outings, camping trips, Madi's 3rd Birthday, etc...

Day at the duck pond

First outing in the trailer...this is what happens when mom forgets the brush!

pretend fishing with sticks :)

Madi turns 3!! Can't believe my baby is getting so big!

We have also gone to the Bundy family reunion (forgot the camera), Tyson got his hair chopped for the summer (no more big red curls), oh, and Madi is finally potty trained yay!! hmm, not much else for now, we'll keep you posted :)


jaesi said...

oh for heaven sake your kids are so ADORABLE!!

I want to go camping!

The Bundys said...

Like he is using a fork. That is hilarious! It was so good to see you, mike and the kidlets...they are so dang cute. I am still sad about ty's curls....he is so handsome without them, but they were just so dang cute.

Oh for heaven sake? Jaesi you are so dang funny.

Erin Spencer said...

It is NOT possible that Madi is three years old already...that's nuts!

Janey said...

Your kids are such freakin cuties! So very innovative with the fork. I'm impressed.

I want to get together but I'm a lazy bum and also a nutcase until we move into our house!