Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween at Heritage

Heritage Care Center had a halloween carnival last night and I decided to take my kids since Mike had was so fun to let them meet all the elderly people and staff that I work with. They had fun games and lots of treats, Ty and Madi loved getting all dressed up and all the attention!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've never been the party throwing type, but with all our new extra space I thought it would be fun to throw a little Halloween Party last Friday. It turned out to be soooo much fun! We had just a few friends from the neighborhood and my sis and a couple of other friends come over. We had lots of food and played some fun games. All in all I think it turned out to be a success. There were some hilarious costumes and my kids actually stayed asleep! (almost the whole time)

(The awesome invitation that our friends James and Shelby made)

A few of the fun costumes

There were more great ones but I didn't get them all on my camera...I need to get them from my friends camera since it was much nicer, she took most of the pics.

Thanks to everyone who came and made the night a success!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gripe session...

Typically when people see a closed sign, that means that they go away and come back later. Safe assumption, right?

Ten after six on a friday night, I'm sitting in my office finishing up a few things. Next thing I know there is a lady pulling on the locked door, with a "closed" sign staring her in the face. She persists on pulling the door, in hopes that it will magically open. I usually wait for their reading ability to come about, and then they leave...not her! She looks over to me in my office and asks if we are open. I shake my head no and hope she will go away, buuuuuuuut no.
At 15 after, one of my tellers is headed out the door. As he goes out, she pushes past him Like Harvey Unga running into the branch and says "I have to make a deposit!

Evidently you are good to go if you mow down an employee and make your way into a closed store! Only problem, no tellers are around to help this lady. Dumbfounded by what she sees, she turns to me and says "where is so and so?". I was kind in my response, "ma'm, she went home because we are closed." Good one Focker is all I can say. I have learned that CLOSED signs are now optional.